July 08 2019Dealer Spotlight: The Movement in Dubai

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How long have you Been in business?

Since October 2014.

How would you describe your community and the cycling culture there?

Bicycle ridership has grown since we launched 5 years ago. Dubai recently announced the completion of a number of bicycle tracks and lanes, adding 32km to the network of 218km that already exists in the city. It won’t end there; the plan is to have 500km of cycle tracks across Dubai by 2021 making getting around by bicycle easier than ever.



How would you describe your shop?

We are not a mass market bicycle store that's for sure. Instead focusing on urban bicycle brands and accessories that share our philosophy on quality and craftsmanship. All the brands that we carry have their own story to tell and you won't find them in any old bicycle store.



How long have you been a Linus Dealer?


Since October 2014.



What do you love most about having a bike shop?


The fact that we are making Dubai and the United Arab Emirates a slightly better place by getting more and more people on two-wheels. We also love the community aspect as we have a a bit of a cult following in the United Arab Emirates now.

What's your favorite Linus bike?


The Gaston. The classic French racing style is an absolute joy to ride and
turns heads whenever I'm out on it.

What's your favorite Linus Accessory?


The Delano. Takes my Gaston to the next level and even has a nifty spot
for my morning espresso!